Battery-powered is the future, but how does it benefit you?

When choosing your next blower, trimmer, mower or chainsaw, why not choose battery-powered? Battery-powered tools have come a long way in technological advancements making them a real contender to their petrol conterparts. Husqvarnas range of battery-powered tools are innovative, powerful, convenient to use and some of the best on the market!

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Husqvarna Battery Chainsaw
Husqvarna Battery Trimmer
Husqvarna hedge trimmer

Zero Emissions

No fumes, pollution or messing around with petrol. Battery-powered tools are emission-free and the green way to maintain your garden. Plus, no ongoing petrol costs or forgetting to top up your tool when you need it most!

Low Noise

Your neighbour might not be as angry if you get out your whipper snipper at 8am on a Saturday. Battery-powered tools are significantly quieter than their petrol motored equivalents and therefore are a great addition for homeowners in the city with close neighbours or small children.

Easy start

Pull starts are the most frustrating part of turning on a petrol tool. With battery-powered, it’s a simple push of the button and your tool is ready to go! More accessible for all to start up easily.

Light weight

Battery-powered tools are lighter in weight than conventional petrol tools which makes them easier to manouevre and use for extended periods of time.


Can a battery tool really be as effective as a powerful petrol driven machine? The short answer is yes. Husqvarnas range of tools are driven by innovative battery technology. It will give you high and powerful performance with all the extra benefits of being battery-powered.

One battery, many tools

The Husqvarna range of battery tools uses a universal battery system. Most of the tools can be used with the same interchangeable battery. Charge up and snip, trim and blow all in one!

So what are you waiting for? Give battery a go!
Available in store and online.

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