560mm Flexline StraightCurve Edging

560mm Flexline StraightCurve Edging



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560MM HIGH X 2200MM

Ideal for
Organic and flowing lines
Raised, curved feature gardens
Kitchen garden beds
Curved, sweeping terraces/retainers
Hard surface mounting i.e. rooftops/decking

Use as
Raised border edging
Medium height retainers
Closed shape garden beds

This cost includes three pegs per length, you will need to purchase fixing brackets separately.

More Information

StraightCurve Garden Edging is a simple to install and hard-wearing solution to garden edging.

Choose the style that best suits your garden –
Weathering Steel: Designed to oxidise and produce a surface rust that colours your edging and protects the steel from further corrosion.
Galvanised Steel: Stays original colour of steel, perfect for modern garden designs.

Plus, choose between Flexline or Rigidline to suit your design –
Flexline: To accomodate significant curves or follow organic lines.
Rigidline: For straight lines and geometric designs.