Wood-Fired BBQ Grill AND Pizza Oven

Grill, Bake, Roast and Smoke. The Possibilities are Endless!

The Best Pizza’s in Your Neighbourhood. 


SERIOUS SEAR FOR THOSE STEAKS, Rivel your favourite steakhouse restaurant. Set it and Forget it cooker Just fill with charcoal, get to your temperature and cook for up to 18 hours, holding the moisture of the meat with perfection.

BAKE AUTHENTIC WOOD-FIRED PIZZA’S and more. Primo holds it own against the finest wood fired pizza ovens in the world.  Bake your sourdough bread, homemade apple pie and much much more.  Simply Sensational.

SMOKE TENDER JUCY RIBS and More. Smoke at low temperatures creating tender ribs, brisket and pork with a mild smoky flavour.

20-Year Warranty You will be loving it for years to come!

AMAZING FLAVOUR with 100% lump hardwood charcoal, juicy true wood fire flavour. Ceramic shell retains moisture, unlike metal grills that lose moisture. 

UNMATCHED COOKING VERSATILITY can be used as a BBQ grill, an Oven, a Roaster and a Smoker.  Mouth watering steaks, wood-fired pizza, roasts, smoked brisket all to tender perfection.  The possibilities are endless.

EXCEPTIONAL TEMPERATURE CONTROL  Cook as low as 66 C for a slow roast to well over 450 C for sizzling ribeyes and pizzas. 

WEATHER RESISTANT made to live outdoors and withstand our climate, from punishing heat to humidity, rain, wind and snow.  Enjoy wherever you live.

LOW MAINTENANCE AND SELF CLEANING this BBQ practically takes care of itself. Primos at like a self cleaning oven.

LIGHTS EASILY AND HEATS QUICKLY you can be ready to cook on as little as 15 minutes; the same time it takes go preheat a gas BBQ.

THE ONE, THE ONLY!  Made with the highest grade ceramics for superior heat and moisture retention. Creates an unmatched firing temperature and the primo ceramics are significantly more efficient than other ceramic grills.  Use less fuel, reach your desired temperature faster and reduce your cooking time with Primo. Made in the USA.  American Quality and craftsmanship with control over the whole manufacturing process.

Primo’s unique patented oval design delivers a true zone cooking both direct and indirect cooking.  



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Primo Grills

Primo Grills

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