Beautiful selection of colours, textures, sizes and shapes to complement your outdoor design perfectly. Come in and feel the difference.

The stunning natural Limestone or Bluestone pavers makes a statement to any home.

Engineered Stone Pavers made right here in South Australia

The difference

Strong and beautiful by combining natural stone with a high-strength, cement concrete matrix, products that are not only extremely durable but feature a natural beauty

Quality controlled – Controlled curing, enhances the quality of all of our paving products.

Extensive expertise – to advise and help you choose the right paving for your home or building project.

Colours and finishes

This range provides you with a superb range of colours and finish combinations, designed to suit every home. Weather resistant pavers will hold up to heavy storms, U.V. degradation, blistering heat, and sub-zero temperatures.

Impact resistance

Hard wearing and long lasting.

Low maintenance

When, maintenance and upkeep is minimal.

Termite resistant

Because there’s no wood for termites to eat, pavers won’t degrade.

Fire resistant

Pavers are made from non combustible materials, making them fire resistant.

A range of superb finishes that will add that special something to your home.

If you’re after a finish that’s smooth and refined, or

Shot blasting process reveals aggregate within the pavers face that adds subtle texture.

The honing process grinds 2-3mm from the pavers surface producing a matte exposed aggregate finish.

To give your home that look of distinction, More than just paving, these pavers will to excite, inspire and provide the hallmarks of style to complete your outdoor space.

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Pool Coping
Pool Areas - Impact Resistant hard wearing Pavers


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