beautiful garden with black brick edging

3 garden edging materials we love!

Garden edging might be a functional solution to keep your mulch off your lawn or your lawn out of your garden beds, but it’s important that it looks the part too! It can make up a large portion of your garden and sits in some of the most prominent, eye-catching positions. Choosing an edging that brings a change of material, texture and colour can really add dimension to your outdoor space. If it’s depth you’re looking for, above ground solutions can create striking centre-pieces or attrative steps.

Whether it’s flowing organic curves or modern geometric designs, there is a garden edging that can do the job!

1. Brick

Your classic red brick is a frequent feature in rustic gardens and it’s an edging style that’s built to last. Brick edging will out-live most other edgings and adds a classic and co-ordinated look to any garden design. You can lay them flat or arrange them at an angle, like we did at this job in Pinnaroo.

Plus, if you want to go with brick in a modern garden design, there are a range of grey, black and decorative bricks that would give a fresh take on the classic red.

Sawtooth design red brick
Full garden of red mulch and red brick edging

2. Metal

Metal garden edging is versatile, hardy and an attractive addition to any garden. Our favourite metal edging is StraightCurve garden edging; quality steel edging that is practical, durable and beautiful. Available in weathered steel for a more rustic look or galvanised steel to suit a contemporary design. Plus, choose from rigidline or flexline to seamlessly blend straight lines with fluid curves throughout your garden.

Metal edging is long lasting and you don’t need specialised tools to install! For minimal effort you can have a perfect and stylish edging solution.

Straightcurve garden edging between lawn and pebbles
Straightcurve garden edging between lawn and garden bed

3. Timber

For a simple and natural look, you can’t go wrong with timber edging. Long sleepers can be used where straight lines and sharp corners are required or use half dowels in a fence-like edging around the curves of your garden. Ensure the timber you choose is designed to last in the outdoors and won’t rot or deteriorate quickly.

Modern garden with grass and pebbles
watering can and spade on lawn

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