Say hello to Ryan, our landscaping superstar!

Ryan joined our team here at Lawn & Landscape Co a couple of years ago after completing his certificate in landscaping. Admittedly though, we’ve had the pleasure of knowing him for a lot longer as he married into the family business! Ryan is our landscaping leader and does everything from the first consultation right through to digging the dirt and adding those final touches. While managing his own team Ryan has completed some fantastic outdoor projects all over Adelaide and has so many new and intuitive ideas that he can’t wait to implement in future jobs.

Hey Ryan!

What services do the Lawn and Landscape Co Landscaping Team provide?

We do turf and irrigation installations, specialised plantings, paving using South Australian made products and feature retaining walls. We work daily by the Lawn and Landscape Co mantra of turning ‘Dirt to Dreams’!

What is the average timeframe to complete a site preparation right through to lawn installation?

It really depends on the size and type of job we are doing. If we were working on an average area of 100sqm and doing a full installation which can include site excavation, bringing in fresh soil, installing irrigation and lawn, it would take us around 1-2 days to complete this job.

What are your key site preparation and lawn aftercare recommendations?

We firstly spray out the area for any existing weeds or unwanted lawn remnants 4-5 weeks before we start the job. Then we excavate to an area of 100mm deep, this cleans out any weed seeds or grass roots that have not been eradicated when previously sprayed. We then bring in 80-20 sandy loam soil and screed the area flat, apply Lawn Launcher which has a mixture of premium lawn fertiliser and water crystals to encourage healthy root growth. We then roll out the new lawn and top dress the joins with sandy loam soil. Included in all our installations is a bucket of fertiliser for the customer to use 6 weeks after their lawn has been laid and seasonally after that.

What are the main landscaping challenges and how do you overcome these?

I think the two biggest challenges are explaining to the customer why we include such an extensive range of products and stages in both our preparation and installations to ensure success. The other challenge is explaining to the customer the costings of a job, as the more intricate elements there is to a project, the more the prices can vary. For these reasons, we work very closely with our customers to understand their expectations prior to the job commencing. 

Why did you choose to work in the landscaping industry, what do you like about working in the industry?

When I left school I wasn’t really sure what direction I wanted to go in. Then I saw what a capable team of Adelaide Landscapers achieved. The attention to detail was astonishing and it made me believe that I could achieve something similar. I personally believe landscaping is one of the most hard working but rewarding jobs! The amount of time, effort and labour that is put into every job is worth it, when you see the end result for the customer. 

Do you have a favourite lawn variety to install? Why is it your favourite?

In my years of landscaping and working closely with the guys at The Turf Farm, I have found Sir Walter DNA Certified to be my favourite lawn variety to install. It has lots of fantastic attributes – it is soft to walk on, low allergenic, child and pet friendly. It’s easy to install and looks thick and lush once laid.

If you’re looking at giving your backyard a refresh, give us a call, Ryan would love to help you out!